HTML Related
1 Remove HTML tags (may be multi-line) of a file. 2000.10.26
2 Extract every <IMG ...> entities from an HTML file. 2009.09.18
Alternative Replacement
1 Replace odd-numbered and even-numbered double quotes with single quotes and back quotes, respectively. 2007.01.16
2 Replace '**' with <B> and </B> alternatively. 2007.06.13
3 Remove the start and the end tags of some `A' elements of an HTML file, but keep the contents. 2008.08.11
1 Remove comments (/* ... */, maybe multi-line) of a C program. 2001.02.26
2 Extract (possibly multiline) contents between 'BEGIN' and the matching 'END'. 2005.10.24
3 Find failed instances without latter successful ones. 2008.01.16
4 Change the first quote of every single-quoted string to backquote(`). 2010.02.01
5 Reduces blanks, newline characters between PAT1 and PAT2. 2010.07.30
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